IT Consultancy  
  EDE Consulting can assist you in all your IT projects. You can ask our expertise to answer a small question about your existing infrastructure, to write design and architecture documents, review your designs, or designing a complete ICT infrastructure.  
  Server consolidation and virtualization  
  Today, servers are more powerful and more economical. By virtualizing servers you can save up to 50% on hardware and 90% on maintenance and operational costs. EDE Consulting makes the business case and calculates for you what your savings will be. Then we build the most powerful and reliable consolidated or virtualized server infrastructure.  
  IT Service Management Consultancy  
  Our experts assist you in all your ITIL implementations. EDE Consulting will provide you a full IT audit. We help you improve your processes so that your IT department could deliver the best service to your business.  
  Migrations and upgrades  
  You bought a company and want to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure? You need to upgrade your mail server infrastructure? You need to migrate all users and user data to a new server infrastructure without any user impact? EDE Consulting can help because of our knowledge and experience we gained in many successful complex migrations including Fortis, Oleon ....  

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